Infrastructure | Policies and Procedures for Maintenance

Policies and Procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical, academic and support facilities

Policy Details:

College has established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical, Academic and support facilities. College has regular maintenance and periodic replenishment of essential facilities.

College policy is to have effective mechanism for the upkeep of the infrastructure and other facilities as to have optimum utilization of the facilities in order to have effective college functioning.

Systems for Maintenance and Utilization:

  • Establishment/repairs and maintenance committee is formed. Principal is the chairperson.
  • College Development Committee is also formed for overall planning and development of college.
  • Departmental requirements for new purchases and maintenance of old is collected every year and approved in the College Development Committee meeting.
  • Stakeholders’ suggestions are also considered.
  • Depending on availability of funds, requirements are fulfilled by establishment committee under guidance of Principal.
  • The Heads of Departments of the college takes a periodical review of repairs and maintenance requirements of their respective Departments.
  • The institution has annual maintenance contract (AMC) for physical facilities and equipment and maintained on regular basis.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification auditors certify the proper maintenance and utilization of all the facilities in the college.

Procedures for maintaining and utilization:

  • The cleaning and the maintenance of the classrooms and laboratories are done by the non-teaching staff as per cleaning schedule which is monitored by head of the department.
  • Laboratory rules and regulations are prepared and displayed for students.
  • The college has adequate number of computers with IT facilities maintained by Computer Maintenance Service Provider.’ – Hi-Tech computers, Nashik.
  • The college website is maintained regularly by website provider- Abhash Tech, Pune.
  • Maintenance of electrical equipments is regularly done through service agencies visit on call basis.
  • Rain water harvesting system helps in the maintenance of the garden.
  • Pest control is also carried out at regular intervals.
  • All the facilities like sports facility, Gymkhana and parking facility is maintained on regular basis.