Institute Distinctiveness

1. The college follows the curriculum designed by Savitribai Phule Pune University and operates at Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) levels.

The Restructured Programme implemented only by our College in the Savitribai Phule Pune University, has been designed to respond to both current and future trends.

The college has adopted the restructuring program for its undergraduate courses the teaching and evaluation system is unique which brings justified evaluation of each and every student the restructuring pattern gives 33% autonomy to the institute for the framing of syllabus the syllabus is framed by a collaborative efforts involving experts from academic industries business houses current market needs and the students point of view.

Under the Restructured Programme, regular linkages with industry, trade and business are established. Subject experts from the concerned field are regularly invited for guiding and sharing their experiences with students. For framing and updating syllabus of ‘A’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ Component, subject experts from the mentioned fields are invited and the staff contributes in the curriculum development.

The curriculum for ‘A’ Component subject Foundation Course, taught at F.Y.B.Com. level is designed by the college under the Restructured Programme so as to develop an integrated knowledge base among students. The college offers a range of subject options like Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship Development, Computer Applications, Applied Statistics, Integrated Rural Development, Cost and works Accounting, PUBR (Public Relations) and Industrial Organization and Administration under the Restructured Programme offered at undergraduate level under C’ Component.

2. The college also highlights the Global leads by conducting student level seminars at both undergraduate and postgraduate level the areas of Banking Finance marketing economics communication etc are covered through the seminars students get acquainted with the recent updates in the fields considered.

Prin.Dr.Ram Kulkarni addressing the students at the inaugural function of one day “Student Seminar”
Mr.Paresh Deshmukh from HDFC Bank conducting his first Technical Session.
Chief Guest of the function Mr.Balasaheb Tavhare addressing the participants.
Speaker Mr. Sumant Joshi from ICICI conducting his Second Technical session.

3. Research at undergraduate and postgraduate level: each and every student undertakes the project in the final year this project creates exposure to the arenas of practical world and makes the students stand globally competent. The different areas under which the students undertake projects are Marketing Finance, Advertising, Banking Sector, Computer Softwares, Insurance, Venture Capital, Customer Satisfaction, Financial Management, Ratio Analysis and so on.