BYK Gathering 2021 | Elocution Competition

B.Y.K College of Commerce Nashik- 5

Online Annual Social Gathering 20-21
Elocution Competition Registration & Submission Rules

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Rules for the Competition

1. A student can participate only in one of the three languages (Marathi/ Hindi/ English)
2. The participant must prepare the video and submit it online along with this form in the stipulated time.
3. The video must not exceed the size of 50 MBs
4. The time allotted to each participant is 5 minutes only. (4 minutes to discuss the topic and 1 minute to conclude)
5. Video exceeding the time limit and the size limit of the upload will not be considered for the competition
6. To upload the video in the correct format is the participant’s responsibility.
7. The last date for the submission of the candidature is 5th March 2021 till 9.30 am
8. The video must cover the participant’s whole body so that the body language and confidence can be judged.
9. The participants will be judged on the basis of the content and the novelty of perspective regarding the topic, use of language, Body language and the use of the given time
10. Most important of all, any comment on religion, caste, race, political party, personal defamation, or mention of a controversial person will disqualify the participant.

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