BYK Gathering 2021 | Best Personality Competition

B.Y.K College of Commerce Nashik- 5

Online Annual Social Gathering 20-21
Best Personality Competition 20-21

Rules for the competition :-
1) All participants should fill up the registration form( Google form) for Participation.
2)Participants should choose their own attire which suits best for the competition.
3)Participants can use either English, Hindi or Marathi during the competition.
4)The participants must prepare a video. The video should consist of self introduction and their talent and submit it through google form link on or before 5th March 2021 till 10 am.
5)The video must not exceed the size of 50MB.
6)Recieved video will be shortlisted by Screening Committee.
7)The time allotted to each participant is 5 min.
8)Video exceeding the time limit and the size limit of the upload will not be considered for the competition.
9)To upload the video in the correct format, is the participant’s responsibility.
10)The Judges/ Screening committee’s decision will be final.